Durango Irrigation and Sprinkler systems by AVL Property Maintenance will ensure a beautiful lawn, garden and property for years to come, regardless of natural precipitation.

durango-irrigation-and-sprinkler-systems-installation-AVL Property Maintenance, Durango-Co

Sprinkler Systems

durango-irrigation-and-sprinkler-systems-installation-AVL Property Maintenance, Durango-CoAn important aspect of lawn care in the high altitude environment of Durango, Colorado is to ensure you have a high quality underground or surface sprinkler systems for lawns, gardens or flower beds. When you have a sprinkler system in Southwest Colorado, it is important to care for it properly to ensure consistent year after year operation with low maintenance costs. The options that AVL Durango offers for irrigation and sprinkler these can range from small front yards, to large, full-property systems.

Services we provide:

  • New Sprinkler systems and sprinkler repair
  • Fall blowouts, winterization, spring startups and re-pressurization
  • Large Area Coverage
  • Automatic Zone & Timing Systems
  • Pumps Systems (water access, etc.)

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Drip Systems for Beds & Gardens

durango-irrigation-and-sprinkler-systems-installation-AVL Property Maintenance, Durango-CoDrip systems are an affordable and more delicate way to irrigate gardens, flower beds, islands, and smaller areas with vegetables, flowers, bushes or decorative plants.

The dry environment of Durango is especially suited to drip systems as they reduce your water needs, and help conserve water in drought years while improving the resilience of your home garden or flower beds.

We designs and install drip systems for the following areas of your yard:

  • Gardens
  • Flower Beds
  • Drip & Spray
  • Low water usage
  • Automatic or manual