AVL Property Maintenance offers all of the landscaping services you could need to have a top notch vacation or primary home in the mountains of southwest Colorado.

Landscaping in the mountains of Durango, CO can be tough proposition for individual homeowners. Scroll down to learn more about the services we offer including installations, planting, patios, rock work, excavation and xeriscaping.

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Patios, Rock Work & Excavation

Flagstone Walkway, AVL Property Maintenance, Durango, CO

Rock features can add a natural and classic look to your property, we can install:

  • Retaining walls
  • Flagstone & rock patios
  • Stone paths and walkways
  • Drainage areas
  • Excavations
  • Boulders
  • Rock streams

Ready to take your landscaping to the next level? Email us today to get your project started in time for summer.

Installations & Planting

If you have a new house that has a blank slate or just want a makeover, AVL Property Maintenance can do it all.

Planting Trees and shrubs while landscaping, AVL Property Maintenance, Durango, CO

Our services include:

  • Gardens, beds and islands
  • Sod, mulch and bark
  • Trees, bushes and shrubs
  • Plants and vegetables
  • Patios
  • Edging and fencing
  • Berms
  • Compost systems
  • Decorative water features, waterfalls, streams and ponds


Xeriscaping Durango, CO - AVL Property Maintenance

 Xeriscaping, AVL Property Maintenance, Durango, CO-600x600Xeriscape landscaping lessens your water usage and environmental footprint by using alternative groundcovers and drought tolerant native vegetation. Not only does this help with your water bill, but it also helps keep the maintenance time and costs way down.

Using xeriscape doesn’t mean you can’t have a lawn; using grasses like buffalograss or blue grama grass uses less water then other thirsty bluegrasses. There are also a wide variety of native plants to choose from to incorporate to your design. Xeriscape is the perfect landscaping option for the dry climates of Durango and the Southwest.