The snow is melting.

Spring is here and the snow is melting

Its always nice to change seasons but sometimes that can mean trouble.  Melting snow from your roof can cause all kinds of problems.  Water can start to leak into your house, the increase of melting water can also create lots of ice buildup from your roof.  Have you notices that some of your heat tape is coming down?  These are all problems that we can address at AVL.

Ice tower

When spring hits all of the snow starts to melt from your lawn and roof.  When the ice drips off into a shaded area you are left with massive ice buildup.  This can cause problems for many reasons, it will pull down your heat tape, when the ice freezes and thaws it can break off the finish on your house weather it is rock, vinyl siding or stucco.  Don’t let ice damage your castle, call us today!!