Customized Maintenance Plans From AVL Keep Your Yard Looking Its Best Year Round

Weekly, bi weekly or monthly yard maintenance visits can keep your property looking amazing! Weed control; pruning; dead heading; and blowing off your drive, walkways and roof will help your yard look top notch and increase curb appeal.  Let AVL maintain your beautiful landscape to highlight the look of your beautiful home-even in the fall and winter months. We have had a long stretch of warm days this autumn and it’s not too late to tidy your yard, care for your plants and get a jump on spring landscaping.

Weed Control- One of the best things you can do for your lawn and garden beds is to treat weeds in the autumn. Fall treatments can get rid of annual and perennial weeds. This can prevent more weeds from coming up in the spring and help ensure that summer yard is lush and green.

Mulching- Mulch is like a blanket for your plants, shrubs, and ornamental trees. Mulch creates an insulating barrier between the harsh cold and surface snow. Insulating the root system, it keeps the soil temperature warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Pruning – Selectively pruning bushes, shrubs and trees allows for more sunlight and air to filter through the plant, contributing to plant health and avoiding plant disease. Pruning can have devastating effects on plants if not done in a skilled, knowledgeable manner.

Dead Heading –This removes spent leaves and blooms from plants. Deadheading can keep the energy in the plant, resulting in healthier plants and increased bloom. Snapping and cutting dead flower heads can enhance the flowering performance of many perennials.

Blowing Off – Ridding your drive, walkways, and roof of leaves, snow and ice is not only the safe thing to do in the late fall and winter, but it is ascetically pleasing too.

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